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Estate Planning

Investment Planning

Business Planning Financial & Retirement Planning


Estate Planning Strategies

When talk turns to taxes, most people think of income taxes. Yet for many people, estate taxes may be the largest single tax expense they will ever face. With estate tax rates currently ranging from 41% to 50% your estate could be worth less than half of what you think. To put it another way, without proper planning, estate taxes could diminish more than half of what you have spent a lifetime building.

Our Estate Planning team works with your legal and tax advisors to help you create a blueprint for your estate plan. This blueprint will illustrate various alternatives for passing on your estate while helping to reduce taxes and administrative costs.

Learn more about our Estate Planning philosophy and strategies.

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Business Planning Strategies

Our business planning team will work closely with your legal and tax advisors to help you reach your business planning goals. These goals can be anything from maximizing your personal benefits, providing benefits to help recruit and retain employees, protecting the business in case of the loss of a key employee, and creating ownership succession strategies. Once your customized plan is in place, we continue to support you by conducting ongoing reviews to help ensure that your plan is on track.

Learn about a few of the areas where our team can help.

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Investment Planning 

Visit our Registered Investment Advisory firm website at www.srcapitalmgmt.com*

*Signature Resources Capital Management and its investment advisory services are offered independent of MML Investors Services, LLC, and any subsidiaries or affiliates.

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Financial Planning

Our planning process is founded on the premise that in today's complex global economy and financial markets, effective financial planning draws upon a wide range of resources and experience. With our planning process, you will have access to our team of Financial Planners who are committed to designing a plan for your unique situation and financial needs. Our services include retirement planning, asset management, college funding, estate analysis, risk management and much more.

We provide the building blocks for your financial future through:

  • Our Team Based Process
  • A Personalized Approach
  • Professional & Objective Advice

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Retirement Planning

We believe that retirement planning is an ongoing process that should reflect the changing personal circumstances of our clients. Consequently it is important that our clients' retirement plan not only help them meets their objectives, but will also continue to adapt and shift as our clients' lives and goals change.

The first step to preparing for your retirement is imagining it. The lifestyle you envision will determine how much income you will need in retirement. Many experts believe you will need to replace 60% to 80% of your current annual income, adjusted for inflation.

What are your retirement goals?

Have you ever stopped to picture your life in retirement? What do you see? Perhaps you’d like to do more of the things you enjoy now, like traveling, hobbies, or visiting family. Or maybe there are things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time, like learning a new craft, or volunteering for charity. As you continue reading, think about the specific goals you have for your retirement years.

What will your life be like in retirement?

Retirees are living life in as many different ways as working people. Some retirees live in the city, attending sporting events, plays and other cultural activities. For others, retirement might mean moving to a smaller home in the country and spending more time outdoors, or visiting with children and grandchildren. Some may choose to retire to a warmer climate. There are also those who like to travel, exploring new and exotic locations around the world. And still other retirees continue to work part time or volunteer, keeping as busy as they were before they retired!

Getting you there

Achieving the retirement lifestyle you envision for yourself won’t happen by accident. A comfortable retirement requires planning. Fortunately, you can begin to take control of your retirement dreams with a few quick, simple steps. As we have mentioned, the first step is picturing your retirement lifestyle. This mental picture will be important in determining how much you need to save for your retirement, what your monthly contributions should be, and what types of investments you will pursue. Answering some simple questions about the kind of retirement you want to enjoy can put you on the path toward your dreams. And in order to better address these issues we provide our clientele with a dedicated team that will endeavor to bring the full resources of our firm and its unique four-step planning process: “Discover, Create, Align and Review."

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