Financial Strategies for Your Business

Since its inception in 1983, the vision of Signature Resources has been to establish itself as a preeminent wealth management organization, providing objective, high-quality advisory-based services alongside solution-based products to high net worth individuals and corporations. The firm is committed to creating an organization that is attractive to high-caliber individuals who are in search of superior resources and support to build their professional practices.

The Signature Advantage Practice Building System has been developed on the following premises:

Premise 1

  • The opportunity for an advisor to build a professional practice—a business—and to develop a clientele which will be the source of perpetual sales and revenue for the enterprise.

Premise 2

  • The business that the advisor builds is a vehicle to enable the advisor to fulfill their personal financial, emotional, intellectual, social and educational goals while giving the advisor a forum for the expression, development and utilization of their talents.

Premise 3

  • The firm exists to provide all of the resources within its capabilities that the advisor needs (marketing, training and education, capital, technical support, product, licensing support, etc.) to establish a professional practice by securing a client base through the sale of products and services offered through the firm.

Premise 4

  • The paramount role of the firm is to be a resource center and marketing organization. Every function and resource of the firm must support the process of placing a prepared advisor consistently in front of qualified people equipped with the quality of resources necessary to achieve success.

Premise 5

  • Through the professional partnership, the firm is committed to successfully helping advisors understand the nature of their opportunity while providing the necessary resources to assure fulfillment of the opportunity.

Premise 6

  • The support structure of the firm is organized around the basic functions needed to support an advisor’s success. All management positions and revenue systems have been designed to meet the challenge and to assure uniformity of purpose and focus among all management members regarding production, profitability and the individual success of those committed to building a Professional Practice.


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