Our Philosophy

The changing profile and demands of our clients and the marketplace have shaped our philosophy and bolstered our resolve to be a premier financial services organization.

Our clients expect effective, efficient service and access to a wide array of professional advice.

Our advisors and representatives are prepared to look at their clients' total financial situation and ask the right questions in order to ascertain their needs and priorities.

Today's consumers are technologically astute and have demanding service expectations. Whereas most feel they have adequate knowledge to make investment decisions, they still seek the advice and opinions of those who are qualified and have the knowledge. Our advisors and representatives work closely with a network of professionals including a team of estate and business planning attorneys, CPAs, CFAs, CFPs, MBAs and portfolio managers. In most cases, once a representative earns the trust and respect of their client, they will choose to enlist the advisor's help in implementing the recommendations, which may include the purchase of insurance or investment products. Being able to offer the products of many different companies enables the representative to maintain the objectivity established through the process.

We believe downward pressure on transaction-based compensation and charges will continue.  Although we offer financial products and can be compensated by the investment company or insurance carriers that are based on commissions, most of our advisory services are fee-based. In our experience, for wealthy individuals and businesses, the preference is to receive advice for a fee and then implement solutions using asset-based investment advisory products.