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We believe personalized service and an academic approach to building and protecting the wealth of your business can help to create optimal outcomes.

Buy/Sell Funding Strategies

Buy-Sell Agreements safeguard your business and help protect it from a loss of revenue due to death or disability; we work with your attorney to determine the correct type of agreement and create a funding plan to execute it.

Key Person Insurance

Key person Insurance helps protect the interests of your business by insuring a key employee or partner and reimbursing your business for economic losses should something happen to them. 

Succession Planning

We’ll help you and your business plan for the optimal exit collaboration with the other professional advisors in your life.

Employee Benefits

Together, we identify and implement the appropriate retirement plan options that help your business attract top talent and stay competitive.

Executive & Key Employee Benefits

Non-qualified executive benefit plans such as deferred compensation, long-term incentive plans (LTIP), carve-out, bonus, and supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP) can help you attract and retain key employees.

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